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The Seafood Restaurant

Sete Mares Restaurant is easily identified because of it's huge glass panels that follow their way until half of the sidewalk in the form of terrace.

Right at the entry we have a stand full o fresh fish and, inside the restaurant, we have a big aquarium with a variety of shellfish.

The place is very welcoming and has the true spirit of a tipical true seafood restaurant.

It is a true Seafood Restaurant !!!

Gastronomical diversity - Restaurante Marisqueira Sete Mares

When you look at our menu, it is clear that our specialty is fish, completely fresh and in big varieties!

But our restaurant's varierty goes beyond that!

We provide a variery of dishes for you to choose as you can see in our menu.
When it comes to seafoor, there's always bobbin seafood, barnacles, live crayfish and other types of seafood ready to be boiled right after you order it.
Regarding fish, we have quality and well grilled fish, these include sea bass, sea beams, groupers and wreckfish.

We have equally good codfish, wether it is grilled, Gomes Sá, boiled or à Brás.

Meat dishes...

About our meat dishes, one of the most emblematic dishes is the Seven Seas Restaurant's Piglet

We also present in our menu the Iberian Black Leg Ham!


Our menu is provided with several other dishes with their own days each, also very recommendable

Our confectionery is also very varied and recommended.

Come and taste all this essence that makes today the Marisqueira Sete-Mares!

Get to know us from the inside!

Restaurant Marisqueira Sete-Mares

Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro 108-A-LJ-5

1070-067 LISBOA

Email: setemareslx@sapo.pt

Contact: 217 272 385

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